Your October Release Notes

New Improvements:

We've updated our Teamwork Projects integration with different sync options to give you more control over both your Teamwork and Float data. The new options include:

  • A 1-way sync that imports your data into Float, but does not push any changes made in Float back to Teamwork Projects.
  • A 2-way sync that imports your team into Float so you can start scheduling them, and syncs any projects and tasks created in Float back to Teamwork Projects.

Check out the help article here for more info.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updating your team's hourly rate using the "same hourly rate for everyone" option was not working as expected.
  • There was an issue will full day time off not reducing the "Scheduled hrs" calculation within reports.
  • Enabling a previously unchecked public holiday was not displaying the holiday on the schedule without refreshing the page.
  • The people start/end date was not applying correctly to the export CSV.
  • Duplicating a non-billable project was creating billable tasks.
  • Milestone end dates were showing beyond the relevant date range in the schedule email.
  • The ability to scroll through filters on the search bar was not working for many searches.
  • We corrected an issue with the SAML authentication configuration.