Your May Release Notes

New Improvements:

  • We've overhauled the multi-team landing page to make it easier to see your team info at a glance and remove any inactive accounts.
  • Notifications are now only sent to people with assigned access rights.

Bug Fixes:

  • Imported events marked "private" in Outlook/Google Calendar were displaying full task/project information and notes.
  • Public holidays were not being blocked off for every person added to a location.
  • The right-click menu was being cut off when opened near the bottom of the Schedule page.
  • The keyboard shortcut for search ("F") was not working. Apologies to any berated and battered keyboards who suffered as a result. 😔

Upcoming New Feature:

  • We'll be releasing a new Jira integration soon that will import your existing Jira projects into Float and allow you to schedule new tasks with ease. Send us a message if you'd like to be notified when it's available in the Atlassian Marketplace.