Your May Release Notes

New Features:

We've introduced a project view of the schedule to give you greater control over your team's planning. The new view makes your projects the star of the show and allows for even easier planning and editing.

Check out a video walk-through of project view here or visit our Help Center for more info.

New Improvements:

With the introduction of project view, we've added a number of schedule enhancements:

  • A live budget indicator that shows you how your projects are progressing.
  • Milestones appear directly across from your projects and can be dragged and dropped like tasks.
  • Milestones also appear as colored dots next to dates to make them easier to see when you're in people view.
  • New sort options for project view.
  • The ability to export your project view data to CSV.
  • We've added more contrast to the divider line between each week.
  • We've darkened the contrast on non-work days.
  • Your team's avatars now display on the schedule to ensure you never mix up your office's two Brians again. 🤭

Bug Fixes:

  • Project Summary budget numbers were not displaying correctly unless the default account language was set to English. Mea culpa!
  • Time off tasks assigned to "All Viewable" were not displaying properly whenever the schedule was filtered.
  • Some task order changes were not saving correctly.
  • Tasks set for less than two hours were extending to two hours when the horizontal expand/contract tool was used.
  • Updating a task with multiple instances from billable to non-billable was not working correctly.
  • Merging two tasks together was returning an error message in some cases.
  • Hyperlinks added to the notes field were not loading in Firefox.
  • People tags were not being returned correctly when using the API.
  • A successful import message was appearing even when the CSV import of people and projects failed.
  • Reports data prior to 2017 was not loading properly.
  • Account Owners who removed themselves from the schedule were not displaying on the Guests page in Account Settings. Welcome back.