Your March Release Notes

New Features:

We've introduced Project Budgets this month to help you keep track of all of your project hours and costs directly within your account. Read more about it on our blog.

New Improvements:

We've made a number of changes that we think make managing your team's time easier than it's ever been.

  • Task, People, and Project menus have all been updated with improved design, speed, and usability. The most important information and features are visible right when you open the menu, with additional features accessible with a simple click. No more sub-menus!
  • People and Project names are no longer required. If you don't add one, it will be labeled "Untitled".
  • We have an all-new Reports calendar that enables keyboard navigation and the ability to type in custom dates.
  • We've added eight more options to the default project color palette. Custom hex codes can be used as well if you simply can't live without a watermelon pink project (FE7F9C).
  • It's now possible to assign your entire team or an entire department to a project at once.
  • Avatars are now displayed within the Task menu (Say cheese!😄).
  • The Team Capacity report now includes Time Off and Public Holidays in the graph. Time Off is also included in the People table below.


  • The Percentage (%) columns in Reports are now sortable.

For a video overview of all our new updates, watch here.

Bug Fixes:


  • Time off tasks applied to "All Viewable" were not displaying when the Schedule was filtered.
  • Tags were not displaying when filtered on Reports.
  • Specific time tasks set to 12 p.m. were not displaying in the correct order.
  • Tasks set to quarter-hour increments were expanding/contracting in half-hour increments when changed directly on the Schedule.
  • Deleting a single task within a repeating task set was causing the existing tasks to extend a day if weekends were hidden within Account Settings.
  • Project Managers were able to change their own access "view".
  • Project Milestones were not being ordered by date.
  • Avatars were not uploading properly when using Edge browser.
  • The wrong error message was displayed in the My Info tab when a user tried to update to an invalid password. Philosophically speaking, if you can't trust your own error message, who can you trust?