Your July Release Notes

New Features:

  • We've introduced the option to shift project timelines and move all assigned tasks and milestones.
  • We've added the ability to set variable work hours per day for your team.
  • We've introduced an Outlook Calendar integration (similar to our existing Google integration) that allows you to sync your outside calendar events with Float.

Check out our blog for all the details.

New Improvements:

  • We released our redesigned People and Project pages. The new pages are more interactive, simpler to navigate, and should make managing your team and their time easier than it's ever been. Read more about them here.

  • We've overhauled the global navigation menu at the top of Float. It's now easier to add people, projects, and tasks from any page, change your schedule display, or view your available account integrations⁠⁠—all from one location.

  • We've added the ability to set a specific time for time off tasks. (A Friday evening dental appointment, Tim? Who hurt you? 🦷⚙️)

Bug Fixes:

  • Full day time off functionality now replaces existing tasks by default, instead of requiring you to delete those tasks. This was the preferred preference for most folks.
  • Setting all days as work days and hiding the weekends was causing tasks to display on the wrong days.
  • Full day time off was not displaying correctly when inserted in between an existing multi-day task.
  • Setting an order for time off tasks was not working as expected.
  • The Print function was not displaying the schedule properly when scrolling.
  • Filtering the project view by multiple people was not displaying the correct results.
  • When using the API, it was not possible to assign team members to projects.
  • Account owners were not able to return their profiles to the schedule once they removed themselves. Owners who are set as guests can now simply add their email address on the People page and they will be prompted to move their profile back to the schedule.