Welcome to the New Schedule

New Features:

We've given the Schedule a major year-end overhaul and introduced a bunch of exciting new features for you to play with heading into 2019, including:

  • Infinite scrolling (Say goodbye to page loads forever).
  • Expand/contract tasks vertically in addition to horizontally (Add a few hours to your freelancer's tasks at their negotiated rate—'tis the season for giving after all).
  • Stack tasks and time off in whatever order you want (Seriously, let your OCD run wild).

Check out our blog for more info on these features!

New Improvements:

We've also added a number of smaller improvements (in stature, not in spirit) that we hope make scheduling your team's time less of a chore:

  • We've bumped up the font size of tasks and now bold the task and project names on the Schedule to improve readability.
  • Partial time off can be prioritized with other tasks in the day, and will show as such in your email notifications. We plan on making this available for specific time off as well in the near future.
  • Task notes are now hoverable to avoid needing to open the task popup to read.
  • We’ve added zoom and crop functionality to avatar uploads.
  • You can see if expanding a task will put you into overtime with our live overtime display line.

gif1.gif ​​

  • The total hours of a task are now viewable without opening the task popup by grabbing the edge to expand/contract.


Bug Fixes:

In the words of Miley Cyrus's alter ego Hannah Montana, "Nobody's perfect, I gotta work it". Here's what we fixed in this release:

  • Scheduled users were appearing on both the People page and the Guests page. They now only appear on the People page.
  • Filtering the Schedule by a project and then using the Export option on the Reports page was displaying all scheduled projects instead of just the filtered results.
  • Moving tasks to other people was not working as expected 100% of the time.
  • Scheduling multiple time off tasks on the same day was causing a person's available hours to display incorrectly.
  • Members were not able to upload profile images via the My Info tab.
  • Typing ". 25" in the Hrs/day field was not creating 0.25 length tasks.
  • The Import option for Public Holidays was not loading 2019 holidays.