June Release Notes: Part 2

New Improvements:

  • A new "edit" option on the bulk actions menu lets you make changes to multiple team members at once (e.g., adjust their hourly rate), or make updates to multiple projects (e.g., change the project owner). See our help article for additional info.
  • The Teamwork integration has a new sidebar that makes it easy to drag and drop your Teamwork tasks directly onto schedules in Float. Check out this help article for more info.
  • You can now export the Schedule in days, in addition to weeks. The Schedule Project view export also includes milestones.
  • We've removed the 24h/day task limitation for Employees and Contractors. Go crazy! 🤪

Bug Fixes:

  • The Schedule export to CSV option was not recognizing filtered searches.
  • Logged time was not a part of a project's start/end date calculation (it is now).
  • There was a problem importing projects using the Jira integration if the subscription cap was reached.
  • The Sign in with Google option was not working for some users.