Float release notes
Float release notes

Your April Release Notes

New Features:

We've released a new linked tasks feature that helps you visualize competing project priorities and move tasks together on the Schedule.

  • Automatically shift related tasks when a project timeline changes
  • Sequentially plan and schedule your projects
  • Quickly see who's working on related tasks

Check out this help article for more info.

New Improvements:

  • We've upgraded the duplicate a project feature to include milestones and scheduled tasks. See this help article for more.
  • We've released a Quick Start Guide to help new teams master the basics of Float and unlock their scheduling superpowers. Check it out here.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Schedule email was excluding tasks for some teams.
  • There was an issue moving the start date of a phase to a later date even when no other tasks or milestones were scheduled.
  • Shifting the phase bar was resulting in the wrong start/end dates displaying in some instances.

Meet Our New and Improved Mobile App

We've redesigned the mobile app from the ground up and made it easier to view and schedule tasks, set a status, and log your hours—all in just a few taps!

  • Faster load times and scheduling actions
  • See a daily, 3 day, or weekly view of the schedule
  • One-tap time tracking to log your hours on the go

Check out this blog post for more and don't forget to leave us an upvote on Product Hunt.

Share Your Schedule Outside of Float

We've released a new share a link feature that provides a live view of your team's Schedule without needing to log into Float. Share the full Schedule, or restrict the view to a project, client, or department.

Check out this blog post for more details.

Introducing Project Phases

We've launched a new project phases feature that helps you break your projects down into smaller, more manageable parts. You can search and filter by project phase, track your project budgets by phase, and even move all of a phase's tasks at the same time when your project timeline shifts.

Check out our blog for all the details.

Your January Release Notes

New Improvements:

  • We've upgraded the Zapier integration this month with a new time tracking trigger, added support for update and search functions within Zaps, and enabled the ability to connect multiple instances of Float to Zapier at the same time. Check out our blog post for more info on how to get started with Zapier.
  • We've redesigned the project tasks tab to make it easier to manage your data. You can now merge two or more tasks together, delete multiple tasks at once, and add names to tasks that were created without one.
  • We've added the option to set a future date when using the point in time change option. See this help article for more.

Bug Fixes:

  • Changing a person's work days using the "specific date onward" option was causing all prior days to become work days.
  • Members were unable to see a project's total budget hours from the projects tab within Reports.
  • Expanding/contracting tasks vertically on the Schedule and then opening the right-click menu was resulting in an error.
  • The logged hours Reports dashboard was displaying future-dated logged hours in addition to past logged hours. Logged hours will not display within Reports until the date they are logged for has ended.
  • Filtering by task status (billable/non-billable) was not returning the correct results.
  • The budget sorting option on the Projects page was not listing over-budgeted projects in the right order.
  • The API was not always returning all days when the /tasks endpoint was queried.

Introducing 2-way Sync for Google/Outlook Calendar

We've added a new 2-way sync option to the Google and Outlook Calendar integrations. You can now import events into Float and send Float tasks back to your outside calendar for a truly accurate view of your schedule across applications!

Check out our blog for all the details. 

Your October Release Notes

New Improvements:

  • We've updated the search/filter feature and added new include/exclude options (+/-), as well as the ability to filter by the project owner. Check out this help article for more.
  • Adjusting work days/hours now includes a point in time change option that lets you update your team's capacity without impacting past capacity and reporting. See this help article for more.
  • We've added a custom public holiday option. Check out our blog post for more on scheduling time off for your team.

Bug Fixes:

  • Tasks assigned to more than one person were not being included in iCal.
  • Updating a task from "billable" to "non-billable" (or vice versa) was resulting in an error.
  • Reports were not updating properly when a project status was changed from "billable" to "non-billable".
  • The "Copy URL" option within a task was resulting in an error when pasted in a new tab.
  • The Asana integration was only importing a task/sub-task assigned to multiple projects in Asana to one project in Float.
  • The Asana integration sidebar was not filtering tasks correctly when the specific project was collapsed in the sidebar.
  • The project bar on the Projects page was not displaying accurate results for archived projects.
  • Checking the "Archived" project box without having any projects archived on the account caused an error that made it impossible to return to the Active project view.

Your September Release Notes

New Improvements:

  • Subtasks are now imported via the Asana, Jira, and Teamwork integrations.
  • You can now filter by task, subtask, or both via the project management sidebar. If you're using the Jira integration, you can also sort by issue type.

Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed a few display and sorting issues impacting the new Reports.
  • The "Scheduled %" value and budget bar icon within the Projects report were not showing each project's numbers accurately.
  • The "Export time tracking data" report did not include tasks or notes in the exported file.
  • When exporting a report to a PDF file, some columns were missing.
  • Updating logged time tasks was resulting in an error.
  • Deleting a client was not removing tasks from the Schedule until the page was refreshed.
  • The week number listed at the top of the Schedule was one week off for the year 2021. The person responsible for this basic error in arithmetic feels terrible and promises to pay more attention when he files his taxes.

Your August Release Notes

New Features:

  • We've released a new Trello integration that allows you to import your boards to Float and drag and drop Trello cards directly onto your teams' schedules.

Check out this help article for more information.

New Improvements:

  • We've upgraded Reports this month, adding new graph and table data, more sort and export options, and a revamped Projects report that shows all of your active projects at once. Check out our blog to see the new Reports in action.
  • We've overhauled the people/project CSV import and added the ability to update your existing people and projects directly in the template.

Bug Fixes:

  • Task info was being cut off on the Project report.
  • The calendar sync was not working properly after changing login details within Google/Outlook.
  • Asana tasks were not being removed from the sidebar in Float after being deleted in Asana.
  • The "Entire Project" date range was not displaying for all project budget reports.

Meet Our New Asana Integration

We've launched a brand new integration that lets you sync and schedule your Asana projects directly in Float. Once you've imported your people and projects, simply drag and drop your Asana tasks onto the Schedule to assign them to your team.

Check out our help article for more info.