Your January Release Notes

New Improvements:

  • Members who are limited to viewing their own schedule can now access their personal reports, allowing them to review a historical record of their projects, track their capacity, and make better planning decisions. They previously had no access to reports.
  • We've added a holiday and milestone marker to the graph within reports to make it easier to identify when a public or custom holiday is scheduled for your team or when a project reaches an important milestone.
  • The person assigned as a project's "Project Manager" is now known as its "Project Owner", to lessen confusion with the access right of the same name. Project Owners have full edit rights to a project.

Bug Fixes:

  • The incorrect data was displayed within reports for some teams.
  • Reports were not syncing correctly for repeating tasks.
  • Bulk menu changes were not being reflected within reports.
  • The full list of holidays was not displayed for some regions within public holidays.
  • The incorrect access rights and date were displayed when adding a new guest.
  • People added to the schedule and sent an invitation to join Float were displayed under the "Pending Invites" tab on the guests page.

Your December Release Notes

New Features:

  • We've introduced a new scheduled status feature in Float so that you can let your team know where you are and what you're up to on any given day. Setting a status keeps everyone in the loop and ensures that logistics don't get in the way of your team's productivity.

Read more about it on our blog.

New Improvements:

  • We've updated the custom color options to include your browser's native color picker (you can still enter a hex color code as well). The custom color picker is available from any project, time off type, or scheduled status.

Bug Fixes:

  • In the Reports CSV export, time off was displaying at a person's maximum daily hours limit regardless of how many hours were actually set.
  • A person's department limitation was not being removed when changing their access rights to Admin.

Your November Release Notes

New Improvements:

  • We've updated the schedule view for members with access to just their schedules. They'll now see a clearer, fuller picture of their workweek, no matter what browser size they're viewing it on.
  • We've also made a tweak to the global navigation so that adding a task, person or project, on their respective pages, starts with one click, not two. We've also combined the Team and Personal Settings menus to a single Settings menu to make things a little faster to find.

Bug Fixes:

  • There was a display issue when the rows on the schedule resized that was causing some tasks to be hidden.
  • Some tasks were displaying as being added "a few seconds ago" instead of listing the correct info.
  • The popup message indicating that the tag limit had been reached was not displaying.
  • The 1500 character limit for project notes was not triggering, causing a spinning wheel when more characters were added.
  • Guest users were unable to disable notifications for their individual accounts.

Edit: After hearing your feedback, we decided to revert the change to task completion style. Thanks for keeping us honest.

New Notifications to Stay on Top of Schedule Changes

We've introduced new notification options that will help you stay up to date on the latest changes to your schedule and the projects you are in charge of. There are three notification triggers:

  • A task assigned to you is created or updated
  • A task on a project you own is created or updated
  • Time off is created or updated by someone who is part of a project you own

For more info on the new notifications, check out our blog.

Your October Release Notes

New Improvements:

We've updated our Teamwork Projects integration with different sync options to give you more control over both your Teamwork and Float data. The new options include:

  • A 1-way sync that imports your data into Float, but does not push any changes made in Float back to Teamwork Projects.
  • A 2-way sync that imports your team into Float so you can start scheduling them, and syncs any projects and tasks created in Float back to Teamwork Projects.

Check out the help article here for more info.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updating your team's hourly rate using the "same hourly rate for everyone" option was not working as expected.
  • There was an issue will full day time off not reducing the "Scheduled hrs" calculation within reports.
  • Enabling a previously unchecked public holiday was not displaying the holiday on the schedule without refreshing the page.
  • The people start/end date was not applying correctly to the export CSV.
  • Duplicating a non-billable project was creating billable tasks.
  • Milestone end dates were showing beyond the relevant date range in the schedule email.
  • The ability to scroll through filters on the search bar was not working for many searches.
  • We corrected an issue with the SAML authentication configuration.

Try Our Supercharged New Schedule

We've launched a brand new version of the Schedule that includes smoother scrolling, more interactive elements, and better overall performance for teams with lots of people and projects. Here's what else is new:

  • Preview before splitting tasks
  • Clearer overtime indicator
  • Faster custom people sorting
  • Upgraded hover preview for notes
  • Right-click to delete tasks
  • Right-click to mark tasks complete

Check out our blog for all the details.

Introducing Public Holidays and our Teamwork Integration

New Features:

  • We've released a new public holidays feature that lets you schedule country/region-specific holidays for your team without impacting others. Find out why capturing your team's capacity accurately is so important to us here.

  • We've launched an integration with Teamwork Projects, allowing you to quickly sync your people, projects, tasks and more between the two platforms and to add Teamwork subtasks directly to your team's schedules in Float. Read more about it here.

New Improvements:

  • Email notifications now include time off and milestones displayed within the email to give you a clearer picture of your week. Your team can manage their email notifications from the My Settings menu.
  • You can now send your team their schedules across a custom date range of up to 30 days.
  • We've added the option to mark a task complete to the Right-click tools menu.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updating a part-time person's non-work days was requiring a page refresh before displaying the changes.
  • Archiving part-time people using the bulk actions menu was not working as intended.
  • Creating a time off task on the schedule across multiple days that crossed a weekend (e.g. Friday and Monday) was returning an erroneous pop-up message.
  • Splitting a time off task was not working as expected in all cases.

Your July Release Notes

New Features:

  • We've introduced the option to shift project timelines and move all assigned tasks and milestones.
  • We've added the ability to set variable work hours per day for your team.
  • We've introduced an Outlook Calendar integration (similar to our existing Google integration) that allows you to sync your outside calendar events with Float.

Check out our blog for all the details.

New Improvements:

  • We released our redesigned People and Project pages. The new pages are more interactive, simpler to navigate, and should make managing your team and their time easier than it's ever been. Read more about them here.

  • We've overhauled the global navigation menu at the top of Float. It's now easier to add people, projects, and tasks from any page, change your schedule display, or view your available account integrations⁠⁠—all from one location.

  • We've added the ability to set a specific time for time off tasks. (A Friday evening dental appointment, Tim? Who hurt you? 🦷⚙️)

Bug Fixes:

  • Full day time off functionality now replaces existing tasks by default, instead of requiring you to delete those tasks. This was the preferred preference for most folks.
  • Setting all days as work days and hiding the weekends was causing tasks to display on the wrong days.
  • Full day time off was not displaying correctly when inserted in between an existing multi-day task.
  • Setting an order for time off tasks was not working as expected.
  • The Print function was not displaying the schedule properly when scrolling.
  • Filtering the project view by multiple people was not displaying the correct results.
  • When using the API, it was not possible to assign team members to projects.
  • Account owners were not able to return their profiles to the schedule once they removed themselves. Owners who are set as guests can now simply add their email address on the People page and they will be prompted to move their profile back to the schedule.

Redesigned People and Projects Pages

We've released brand new People and Projects pages that make it easier to view and manage your team's work and give you even greater control over your schedule.

Any job title, department, account access, client, project status or tag can now be clicked on to instantly filter the page by your selected criteria or to perform bulk actions.

For more info on the new pages, visit our Help Center.

Privacy Shield Certification

We're pleased to announce that we are now officially compliant under the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks.

We've updated our Terms of Use to include details of what this means for you and your data. You can also read more about the Privacy Shield program here.

In addition to GDPR compliance, this furthers our ongoing commitment to your privacy and security and the transfer and use of your personal data.